Beth McKenna Quintet

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Beth McKenna is an award-winning jazz composer, jazz saxophonist, big band leader and woodwind doubler (musical theatre, pop/indie, etc.).

Best known for writing and producing the "Concert of the Year" Prix-Opus winning work "Home: Montreal" for her jazz orchestra, she continues to push musical evolution in jazz while also striving for high-energy, exciting and genre-crossing fusions. Beth strives to combine jazz traditions with a mixed influence of popular, world, contemporary, indie and cinematic genres and bring modern jazz to mainstream audiences.

One of Montreal's most versatile, unique and dynamic artists, Beth performs professionally in a wide variety of groups as a freelance sidewoman and leader on saxophones, flutes, clarinets and EWI.

Beth is a regular studio musician and sidewoman on a variety of projects (film scores, video games, pop/R&B/Fusion, jazz, experimental music) for a wide range of professional groups in Montreal and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Alan Menken, Jonathan Monro, Darcy James Argue, Christine Jensen, Jim McNeely, Gordon Foote and Remi Bolduc among others.